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FBT Inc. sets the standard for manufacturing solutions. For 79 years, we have used an extensive knowledge of engineering and technical practices to provide our clients with the best.


Power Generation/Energy

We are proud to serve the dynamic and growing power generation field. We’re investing heavily in optimal equipment and ongoing skills training to stay at the leading edge.


Over many years we have built on all areas of our expertise to expand our services to the various sectors of the transportation industry.

Mining/Oil and Gas

We have worked closely with the oil and gas and mining sectors to reduce costs with strong engineering and understanding of the product design.


We have designed and built entire production lines for customers as well as manufacturing precision components for a variety of specific needs.

About FBT Inc.

For over 7 decades FBT has focused on understanding customer needs in order to provide optimal manufacturing solutions. Our products and services combine traditional practices and modern techniques which are utilized by leading manufacturers around the world.

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